NFS Is Live from Sundance! Plus, Powderkeg Media’s Head of Development

Atmosphere on Main Street in Park City, Utah.Credit: Jovelle Tamayo/Courtesy of Sundance Institute
No Film School is podcasting from Sundance Film Festival!

On today’s episode, No Film School founder Ryan Koo, writer Alyssa Miller, and podcast co-host GG Hawkins unpack the first part of the Sundance Film Festival. Get an inside look at what the festival has to offer!

Then we speak to Kesila Childers, Powderkeg’s head of development, to get a taste of how industry leadership is experiencing the festival.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The difficulty in choosing what to go to due to all the options
  • Approaching your Sundance experience as if you are a character in a script
  • Sharing our various objectives and goals for the festival
  • Theories on the budget cuts Sundance has made
  • The lack of distribution of the films at the festival
  • Appreciating the happy energy of filmmakers at Sundance
  • Powderkeg’s purpose for going to the festival
  • How important it is to build relationships in this industry
  • Staying true to your voice by not chasing mandates

We also discuss the following Sundance films:

  • Birth/rebirth
  • In My Mother’s Skin
  • Cassandro
  • Claudio’s Song
  • Chanshi
  • Fantastic Machine
  • Magazine Dreams

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